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Wiser Water Product Sheet

Red Maple Media was contracted by Wiser Water to create a new Sales and Marketing Product Sheet for their water business. We provided creative direction, copy writing, design, and print proofing services. Wiser Water sells production-grade water filtration, refrigeration and carbonation systems to restaurants and hotels. The custom water systems they sell and install on location for their clients, allow the restaurant and hotels to provide bottle-less water and custom sodas to their restaurant and hotel customers.

Our copy and print design highlighted the business benefits to Wise Water’s prospective clients. The benefits included (1) the ability to sell a higher profit margin beverage product (when compared to traditional branded bottled water and soft-drinks), and (2) the option for their clients to adopt a more socially and environmentally responsible marketing strategy, as they had the potential to reduce their dependence on bottle products, which studies have shown to cause greater environmental harm. Studies indicate that the negative environmental effects caused by the creation, bottling, transportation, and waste of one-use bottled drinks, is a growing concern for environmentalists – and Wiser Water wants to communicate environmental stewardship as a benefit of their system.

The Wiser Water Sales and Marketing Product Sheet we created was well received by the market, so Wiser Water has now contracted Red Maple Media to do all of their print and digital marketing. Lookout for our new Wiser Water custom table coasters in a restaurant near you, and look forward to the launch of their new marketing website.

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