Government Consulting

Consultants who work for Red Maple Media Inc., have helped complete numerous multi-million dollar business and technology projects for the Provincial Government of British Columbia and Ontario. Our experience successfully completing projects in Transportation, Healthcare, and Education, gives our team the confidence to minimize risk and complete complex projects with confidence.

Professional Staffing

Red Maple Media Inc. partners with experienced business and technology consultants who together enjoy working on a variety of complex projects that can change lives for the better. So if you are a lifelong learner, enjoying an innovative career completing business and technology projects, and want to take your career to the next level – contact us today to learn about joining our team. We place resources in various business and technology projects in both the public and private sector.

Software Development

Software development consultants who work for Red Maple Media Inc. have on average 10 years experience building custom software. Our team has experience in both the implementation of COTS (Custom-Off-The-Shelf) software and also the creation of completely custom and unique software solutions. Whether your projects requires Microsoft, Oracle, or IBM technology – we can find the right-sized team for your project. We have the business analysts, project managers, and development tools required to efficiently and effectively create your next solution.

Internet Marketing

We believe in the internet as a tool to generate business leads. Whether you need help with Social Media Marketing, SEO or Pay-Per-Click Ads, we have a leadership team that can create and manage your next internet marketing campaign. Perhaps what differentiates our marketing team for others, is our relentless focus on a positive return-on-investment. We are constantly learning the latest internet marketing tools and techniques, and our clients are amazed at how their businesses can attract such affordable attention in the market place, and make the resulting sales.

Web Security

Your digital assets are important and you should protect them as such. Red Maple Media Inc. can conduct a security assessment on your existing internet properties, quickly identify any risk exposure, and create a solution to help mitigate your risks. We can provide services such as vulnerability scans, security audits, and the preventative risk mitigation that is required.


About Red Maple Media

RedMapleMedia.com provides remote IT Staffing Services and Technology Consulting. We are a veteran group of experienced, highly trained business and technology consultants who collaborate remotely and complete complex software projects for companies from a wide variety of industries. Part IT staffing agency, Red Maple Media also connects global clients to our expanding network of Canadian Telecommuting and Part-time Professionals. Contact us today at 1-800-710-8629 (Toll Free) if you require additional remote IT staff, and/or require the following telecommuting services:

* Computer Software Development
* Business and Technology Consulting
* Internet Marketing and Branding
* Hosting and Domain Management
* Graphic Design and Printing
* Search Engine Optimization
* Custom Audio and Video
* Original Photography
* Copy Writing
* Virtual Assistant Services


We are business analysts first. So we can do a full audit of your business to determine what systems and processes are required for growth. Then, we recommend future-state business processes and the technologies that will support those systems. Using this business first approach is very powerful way to implement technology innovations that help grow your business. Contact us today to learn more!

Today, and increasingly in the future, your company’s ability to garner the right attention from the busy marketplace will become increasingly limited and expensive, as the noise from a growing list of global competitors increases. It is therefore essential that both your internal and external business processes are relevant, efficient, and supported by the correct technology and team. Red Maple Media Inc., using the exact same business and technology strategies and tactics we use to grow our successful software consultancy, to help you grow your business. You will quickly see the benefit our business first approach, and how it will sharpen your technology prowess and give you the business gains you seek.

While the best time to save or grow your business might have passed, the second best time is today! Contact us today, and enjoy a 30 minute complimentary conference call with one of our executives to learn more about your project. These are the partners we are looking to work with:

  1. Your company has a minimum one time development budget of 20K CAD or greater.
  2. Your company has a marketing budget of at least 2K per month.
  3. You want to turn your company into a million dollar company in the next 24 months.


Successful Projects

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Number of Industries

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