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Function Fox Systems

Consultants, who now work for Red Maple Media, completed important work for the FunctionFox Systems by providing a number of services including custom web programming, network administration, and internet marketing (including search engine optimization).

The goal of the project was to take help FunctionFox successfully release a new web-based time tracking software called “TimeFox”. Our consultant provided custom ASP programming to add functionality to the product, network administration to help host the product in a scalable way, and internet marketing to help spread word about the new product in a measurable and cost-effective manner. After “TimeFox” was launched and successfully operated for it’s first two years.

``Wow Red Maple Media. Since you did our web optimization, traffic to our site has greatly increased and we're much higher on the search engines now because of it. Thanks!”

Corina Rothlisberger
VP Operations, FunctionFox Systems

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