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Baggins ShoesWeb Software Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, Quality Assurance Testing, Systems Administration and Server Support.

Consultants, who now work for Red Maple Media, completed important work for Baggins by providing a number of services including custom web programming, business analysis, project management, and search engine optimization.

Red Maple Media was contracted by to create a new “Create Your Own Kicks” page for the existing e-commerce website. This project involved wire-framing, custom PHP programming, HTML and CSS development, and quality assurance testing on desktop and mobile. wanted to create a new revenue stream by allowing online shoppers to upload their own images, so as to customize their shoes before delivery. The Red Maple Media team ended up delivering over 21 pages of custom PHP modifications, and a new “Create Your Own Kicks” landing page. Our final solution allowed for “Drag and Drop” image uploads for modern browsers, and a “graceful degradation” to a JQUERY uploader for older browsers. This broad solution allows shoppers to make custom purchases on all major browsers, including mobile. The custom code we delivered also integrated with the in-store “Point of Sale” system.

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“Julian has a strong intuitive business sense and is a great guy to work with. I often looked to him as someone who understood what I meant – meaning, unlike some many of his IT colleagues, he is a good listener and has a good sense of client needs and, most importantly, knows how to turn that into solid business recommendations.”

Phil Saunders
Educator, Spokane School District

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