Software Development

With over 15 years of professional software development, our team can delivery both COTS (custom off the shelf) product implementations, or custom software. We pride ourselves on delivery the whole IT stack, and can design, build and then host your solution on our custom high-availability AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting stack.

Our Software Development Process

Business Requirements

Engage with our business analyst, to quickly determine the business requirements of your new system. Our business first approach will allow for planning that saves you time and resources during the software build process.

Software Design

Engage with our experienced business analysts to quickly decompose the important systems of your business. Then, we can select the correct technology for your business needs.

Software Development

Watch our software developers build your solution iteratively, so you get early visibility into the solution and can adjust your vision early in the process to target the most important features.

System Testing

Watch our testing team conduct various manual and automated testing functions that will ensure early on in the process that your solution works as intended. This includes performance testing for speed and responsiveness, as well as functional testing to determine you have all the important features your require.

System Launch

We have an extensive systems launch checklist that includes backing up all your important data, and creating important contingency plans. We want the launch process to be simple and stress-free, so your product works as expected from day 1, and your clients remain impressed with our brand and solution.

Operational Support and Hosting

Now that your solution is live, we can continue to maintain, support and enhance your system to meet future needs. We have a number of system on our custom hosting stack that will warn our team when you need extra disk space, security patches, or to update a framework. We pride ourselves on having 98.9% hosting uptime and use the best tools to achieve this.

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